Component Specification

Spec Sheet

  • Engine: direct drive system powered by chassis engine

  • Direct Drive Type: transmission driven PTO (power take off)

  • Blower: helical tri-lobe, dual splash lubrication with added drain kits

  • ICFM: 660 ICFM @ 16" hg and maximum cleaning speed (engine rpm's) of 1550 rpm

  • Water Pump: 5cp 6120 cat pump, clutch activated, high temp water seals, upgraded oil level indicator &   drain kit

  • Water Flow: 6 GPM

  • Water Pressure Range: 100 psi - 1600 psi

  • Water Temperatures: adjustable between 170°f - 300°f

  • Chemical Injection System: pulse actuated pump with on/off valve, 7 gallon chemical tank

  • Disposal System: 2" ball valve plumbed externally

  • Filtering System:

(2) External stainless steel strainers (lint traps)

(3) Internal stainless steel recovery tank filters

  • Heat Method: (3) heat exchangers, stainless steel shell and tube construction 

(1) exhaust exchanger, heats water from chassis engines wasted exhaust

(1) blower exchanger, heats water from blowers exhaust

(1) coolant exchanger, heats water from chassis engines coolant system

  • Fresh Water Tank:

168 gallon full capacity, 156 gallon with auto float (std. on NPR-HD)

210 gallon full capacity, 183 gallon with auto float (std. on NPR-XD or NQR)

  • Recovery Tank: 155 gallon

  • Gauges: digital temperature gauges; mechanical liquid filled vacuum & water psi gauges; Allen Bradley switches; all are housed in a water / air tight control panel.

  • Shutoff System: chassis engine protection shutdown, waste tank high level shutdown switch, fresh water tank low level shutdown switch, high water temperature shutdown switch

  • Overall Dimensions: 22' - 10" long x 8' wide x 8' - 9" tall