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What makes the XT cleaning truck mount far superior to its competition?

We call it the XT Advantage. No other carpet & tile system can offer this long list of must haves:

  • Latest in heat management technology

  • Operating temperature in 7 - 10 minutes!

  • Reduced maintenance costs and downtime.

  • A more environmentally friendly system.

  • No external power or heat source. One engine to maintain PTO system.

  • True dual wand system. Can be used as 3 wand, 660 icfm @ 16" hg and maximum cleaning speed (engine rpm's) of 1650 rpm

  • 290 cubic feet of storage space.

  • 190 square feet of advertising space.

  • More airflow and Deeper vacuum allows for faster drying times.

  • Technical support by the experts that design, manufacture and assemble the cleaning equipment.

  • In-house design, fabrication and assembly

  • Exchangers designed and tested to ASME and TEMA standards

  • Reliable, durable and easy to operate and service.

  • Competitive price, sold manufacturer direct

  • Saving you money

Standard Equipment - XT Package:


  • 8ft wide X 15' 6" Long X 62" interior height

  • Rear swing doors

  • Garage style side roll up door

  • FRP (fiberglass reinforced plywood) side walls (smooth, no screws or seams) 

  • 6" aluminum extruded floor

  • (3) 18" fluorescent interior lights

  • Translucent fiberglass roof


  • 183 gallon fresh water tank (Standard on NPR-XD & NQR)

  • Includes 8 sq ft shelve mounted on top of the tank

  • 155 gallon recovery tank

  • 7 gallon chemical tank

Blower / Pump's

  • Helical tri-lobe, dual splash lubrication vacuum blower with added drain kits

  • 1600 psi, 6 GPM Cat Water Pump

  • Chemical injection,

    • Pulse actuated diaphragm pump (rated up to 1500 psi)

    • On/off shutoff valve between chemical pump and water pump

Hose Reels

  • Electric vacuum hose reel (400ft capacity of 2" hose, 300 ft capacity of 2.5" hose)

  • (2) 12" solution hose reels ( 400ft capacity of 1/4" solution hose)


  • 100ft X 2.5" vacuum hose

  • 100ft X 2" vacuum hose

  • Flash Cuff connections

  • (2) 100ft X 1/4" 300°F solution hose with shutoff valves & safety sleeves

System Inlet Connections

  • (2) 2.5" vacuum inlet ports

  • (2) high temperature / pressure, chemical injected solution connections 

  • (1) low temperature, non-chemical injected solution connection (170°F maximum temperature, ideal for pre-spraying or cleaning wool at a lower temperature while simultaneously cleaning carpet at a higher temperature)

Filtering Systems

  • (3) internal recovery tank filters

  • (2) external lint traps

Standard Equipment - Chassis:

In addition to the standard features that are included with the Isuzu chassis, we also add the following options to every chassis:

  • Engine block heater

  • Dome light switch

  • Engine protection (automatic shutdown)

  • Back up alarm

  • Heated mirrors

  • Road hazard kit (fire extinguisher & reflective triangles)

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