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Aero Tech Manufacturing is your leading company for supplying carpet cleaning machine truck mounts

Aero tech is an industry leader in carpet cleaning machines and truck mounts. With over 40 years of experience in precision sheet metal components and assembly, we deliver superior quality and performance with our specialty products including full service trucks with a carpet cleaning machine and truck mount

Superior specialty products

At Aero Tech, no detail is overlooked. From the drafting and design process, we work to ensure to provide both quality an innovation in our carpet cleaning machine and truck mount. During the assembly process, our skilled technicians are dedicated to ensuring we provide our clients with a powerful, heavy-duty project that can tackle any cleaning project.

Each of truck mount features a complete system that is specifically designed for efficient performance. Our carpet cleaning machine's dual pressure regulator, adjustable storage, and easy gauge system are guaranteed to help give your you the power and control needed to save time, conserve fuel, and increase your profits for your business. 

Additionally, we offer add on products to give you even more power and flexibility. For example, our dual waste tank upgrade-which features all stainless steel construction-will increase your truck mount capacity to 220 gallons for maximum draining efficiency. Our mount will allow you to flush carpets with twice of the amount of water of any other carpet cleaning machine and still have quicker drier times to allow you to clean more in less time.

Quality and service you can depend on

Not only are we focused on providing our clients with the most powerful carpet cleaning machine and truck mount system on the market, but also superior customer service and satisfaction.

Throughout the purchasing process, our representatives will guide you through your purchase and help you select an upgrades or customs that are right for your business. Our commitment to quality client relations helps us work to ensure your complete satisfaction, including questions and needs that you may have after your purchase.

Our customers our number one priority through every step of the process, from assisting in filling out the paper work for your new truck mount or helping your replace parts under warranty on your carpet cleaning machine.

Give us a call today to learn more at (801) 292-0493 or email us at Aero Techsales@Aero to learn more how a product from Aero Tech can help your business save time, fuel, and money while increasing your profits.